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Frequently asked questions

What are conversion credits?

Simply put conversion credits is your currency when using Filestar. You load up on credits on our Pricing page and choose the package that suits you the best. Most conversions and skills cost 1 credit each. But the credits needed for a skill can vary depending on what you want to do. If you use very heavy files, many files at once, or more unusual skills, more credits could be needed. In the app, you can preview the credits needed for an operation before you go ahead.

You can see your credit account balance in the desktop application if you click on "About" in the menu.

How do the conversion credits work?

Most file conversions cost 1 credit per file to process but larger files might cost more. The number of credits required for a skill is previewed in the app before you run it.

Once you have run a skill or conversion, you will also see exactly how many credits were used. The amount will be charged from your Filestar account. If the file conversion was unsuccessful, no credits will be charged. If the conversion requires more credits than you have you will get a notification about that in the application and asked to visit our Pricing page to load up on more credits.

My credits have run out - how do I get new ones?

When your credits run out you get a notification in the Filestar desktop application, the next time you try to run a skill or a file conversion. Just follow the simple steps there to load up on more credits.

It is also easy to buy more credits before they run out, or upgrade your package. Go to our pricing page, use the e-mail address that you have registered and select how many credits you want to buy.

You can always check your credit account balance in the desktop application if you click on "About" in the menu.