Convert OTF to TTF

Convert OTF to TTF

You can't talk about font files and skip OTF and TTF. It's like Bonnie and Clyde in the font world. They are the most popular font files thanks to their compatibility with Apple and Microsoft. Let's look at what they are, how to open them, and convert them.

How to open HEIC files in Windows

Otherwise called HEIF, the .heic is an image and video container that significantly reduces the file size while maintaining high-quality images. Up until Apple made it the standard image format, the .heic format was unknown. What made Apple pick this particular image file format?

All about EPS files

The Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file can be developed by almost all professional drawing programs. However, only a few of them can edit this file format. Let's find out more about this widely used and important vector file.

Convert ARW to JPG file format

Currently, Sony is one of the best selling full-frame camera brand. Photo enthusiasts can no longer ignore the mirrorless system. Sony's native file is the .arw file. But what is the .arw file format and how can you convert it to .jpg?
MS Office vs Apple iWork

Battle of productivity: MS Office vs Apple iWork

The competition between Apple and Microsoft hasn't just begun neither is it ending soon. The two have some of the most outstanding and popular applications used in computers today. So, which application suite is best for you? Let us give you some guidance along the way.

All about DXF files

As engineers, architects, graphic and industrial designers, you are likely to come across the DXF file format. So, what exactly is a DXF file? What programs can you use to open it? And how can you convert them into another file format you prefer?