Why we created FileStar

Why we created FileStar
  • Niels Bosma
Niels Bosma
May 5, 2019

A year ago we started to think about how little innovation there has been in the way we work with files since modern desktop computing was introduced. As productivity nerds we're always thinking about how we can work more efficiently with our daily tasks. Simply how to get more shit done.

For each “thing” you want to do with a file you need a separate application and you need to know how to use it. (* And no, web/mobile apps don’t make things much better. And yes, people still have files.)

Let's say you want to convert 5 .PDF files to .DOC files how do you do this?

Today, with modern search engines, we are used to just search for the things we want. Why can't we just select a file on our desktop and just type what we want to?

So... one year later, we give you FileStar! We intend to fulfil the following promise:

Do anything with any file on any platform.

We’re in the business of saving our users time and money.

Central to FileStar are Skills. A skill can transform a file one form into another. Examples are file conversions, image transformations, etc. We have now in our first release over 21.000 skills and we're releasing more every week.

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