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best social media video format

Top social media video format

Currently, the online environment is video-centric and people connect more to sound and moving pictures. As YouTubers, influencers, digital marketers, or online entrepreneurs you need to know the best video file format to distribute your content. So, which format suits you? Read on to find out!
jpg vs jpeg

Is there a difference between JPEG and JPG?

Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between jpeg and jpg? Or when should you use one and not the other? Relax, we've got this. We have unraveled the mystery for you. Read on to find out.
computer backup

How to backup your computer

Well, no one wants to be caught up with the loss of irrecoverable important data but, it happens when you least expect it. Having a computer backup system is the only way to prevent this tragic loss from hapenning to you. So, how do you do it?

Filestar* for Lawyers

The legal profession is extremely demanding and you have to maximize on the billable hours to earn your keep. For lawyers, pulling an all-nighter isn’t strange, rather the average pace. Filestar is your helping hand when it comes to handling all your document, image, video, and audio files.
Best file conversion tools for Windows

Top five best file conversion tools for Windows in 2020

Are you looking for a one-stop-shop file conversion tool? Truth is all file converters aren’t equipped to deliver the results you want. This list is to help you narrow down your search. Let's get to it.
heic file format

All about HEIC file format

When Apple makes a file format it's standard format it's worth checking out what the noise is all about. With HEIC files, you can save on space without compromising on our image quality. So, let's see what the hype is all about.