Filestar* for Web Designers

Filestar* for Web Designers

Frida Bosma
Frida Bosma

As a web designer, there is much file administration with and around the job. This might not be your favorite thing to spend time on. It is just necessary stuff that needs to get done to complete a task. Or make your projects ready and deliverable to a client.

We understand that you need to easily shift between all sorts of file formats. Like converting different Visio files to various formats, that your client can open. Or merge many sketches into one pdf file in an instant, to pack it neatly to send. Just to name a few. Read ahead for our best and quick productivity tips to ace those dull administrative tasks. You will soon enjoy the extra time you gain, to focus on the more creative parts of your work.

1. Image conversions

When dealing with image files, different projects might have different file formats. Working on various formats can be hectic and time-consuming. Especially if you have to convert the file back and forth. Luckily, you can use Filestar for file conversion in batches. Or on at a time of course. It is done in a few simple clicks, so it is easy to convert many files back and forth. Odd file formats? No problem, we provide over 20,000 skills in our software.

2. Vector formats (logos)

Various clients may require different file formats for their logos. Instead of sharing the logo in the standard .ai or .svg formats, some might request for .jpg file format. Filestar will help you convert these files within seconds.

3. Organizing your graphic images and photos

File organization and labeling is one of the most important factors for staying productive. All your project files need to be named correctly for you to have structure and order. Unorganized files are a nightmare to anyone looking through your project. And yourself of course. Nothing kills productivity like chaos and confusion. Not to worry, with Filestar you can easily rename multiple files at a go and place them in separate folders. You can also compress large files or folders easily to save space on your computer’s hard drive.

4. Convert images to PDF

Some projects may have many graphic images that need to be shared with others for feedback. For this, you might want to pack them neatly into one single PDF. That is very easily done using Filestar. First, convert your files to .pdf using the skill “convert to pdf” and to and the merge them all into a single pdf for the entire project. Use the “merge to pdf” skill for this.

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