Filestar* for Photographers

Filestar* for Photographers

Frida Bosma
Frida Bosma

As a photographer, working with images and photos is at the core of the job. But apart from actually planning for and taking the photos, a lot of effort has to be put into the aftermath. Like organizing and editing the images. This can be tiring and time-consuming. And taking unnecessary time from doing the parts of the work that you love more and do the best - being out photographing.

There are lots of software for photo editing available out there. Also, tools to make photos look incredible. And that’s great! But we also know that many photographers struggle to find a solution to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks for managing photos. Or a software that could easily organize or edit many photos at once.

Well, you’re in luck! We built some very useful features in Filestar for all you photographers out there who are looking to boost your productivity. Let’s give you some examples of what we can help you with.

1. Organize photos

Renaming photos

Working with many different photo projects, you most likely need to have all the images nicely organized. It could be giving all photos in a project a specific name, then numbering them neatly and adding a date. Or adding your photograph credentials in the file name for all your photos. These things are all easily done using Filestar and the “rename” skill.

A common task is to protect the copyright of your photos by adding a copyright text or stamp on the image. Or allowing previews of photos or limiting access photos by adding a watermark. This is a quick fix with Filestar, to one photo as well as many at once, using the skill “watermark”.

Adding text to photos

By adding a text to a photo you could, for example, write a specific caption for one or several photos. Or adding a record of the place where the photo was taken, or put dates, on a larger number of photos. Simply select more photos at once when using the “add text” skill in Filestar.

2. Transform images

There are many characteristics of photos that can be easily changed using Filestar. You can change the resolution, set specific measurements or crop pictures, many at once. It is also easy to flip or rotate images who are turned the wrong way.

Another useful skill is to add nice filters to your photos. Or make them black and white. There is also a skill in Filestar to give your photos a vintage look.

3. Convert file formats

When working with photos and images you often have the need to save them in various file formats. Depending on what you need them for it could be moving between the formats jpg, eps and tiff. Maybe a client requests a file format that you don’t usually work with, like the HEIC format for iPhone. Then Filestar is your savior.

There is much more to discover about how you can use Filestar. For more tips, check out our blog.

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