Filestar* for Developers

Filestar* for Developers

Frida Bosma
Frida Bosma

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”, said Abraham Lincoln.

That's how a developer's career should be - continuous learning and development. If there is a dynamic industry on this planet, software development is it. HTML and CSS keep being updated. Having extensive and up-to-date knowledge of one or more programming languages is a must. You not only have to stay on top of deadlines, but also keep up with the changes taking place in the market.

It can be really challenging to keep up a high-productivity level, especially as a remote programmer. Not every code comes to you automatically, and you'd find yourself spending hours scratching your head looking for a specific solution to the problem. As Developers, you wear so many shoes from problem solvers to creatives, critical thinkers, investors, and, most often, artists.

From the start of a project to the final code line and bug fixes, focus and productivity are critical at every stage. Regardless of whether you are working alone or in a team, you need to improve your efficiency continuously. Filestar provides a smart solution for you to automate your repetitive tasks and remove them from your daily to-do-list.

1. Developer files

As a programmer, you have to handle various developer files. From JSON to Html, Jar, Cur, among others. You have to transfer data between one program to another. Filestar has made this super easy for you, as you can convert your JSON file to XML or view your HTML file on spreadsheets.

2. Database management

Proficiency in database technologies is vital to a developer. You handle various database files, and you need to move data across the files every so often. Worry not; with Filestar, the process is already automated for you. You can quickly convert any file to .csv and use it to transfer data into your database.

3. Working with PDF files

PDF documents are essential in your everyday work. If you want to send your data structures, binary trees, string solutions, or flowcharts, PDF is the best document file to use. Word document may reformat your work if it's opened in another machine or a different OS. You can also use data from other PDF files sent to you for your presentations or application.

With Filestar, you can easily convert your documents to PDF and split, merge, extract, delete pages, and protect the PDF files.

4. Image files

You are a creative spirit, but also someone who inevitably needs to manage and process a lot of image files. That can be so time-consuming! Filestar helps you to transform your images into anything you see fit quickly. From adding text to filters, color saturation, effects, cropping, changing resolution, etc. To one image alone or many at once.

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