Filestar* for Content Producers

Filestar* for Content Producers

Frida Bosma
Frida Bosma

Productivity is the current buzzword now and everyone has their own definition of it.

As a content producer, you are responsible for creating various content formats. From idea development, actual content creation, to managing social media presence. You have websites, blogs, images, videos, social media posts, infographics and so much more waiting for you. As if that’s not enough, the entire brand awareness and growth relies on your efforts. So everyone is waiting for you, from graphic designers, editors, to social media managers.

Time is scarce and deadlines demanding. The need to be on a productivity high is a constant requirement. You need smart skills to be productive in such an environment. With this long to-do list, identifying productivity hacks to maximize your limited time is a priority.

Luckily, Filestar has some useful skills to help you achieve some sanity in your work. Doing too much is the first thing we eliminate from your schedule. So, let’s dive in!

1. Transforming images

There is so much to do with photos before they are ready content for your audience. For images to stand out, you need to add filters, change exposure, resize, rotate, or make them vintage. Other times, you need to zoom into an object to draw your audience's attention on it.

In most cases, everything is needed at the same time so you need to get rid of the excess from your to-do-list. With Filestar, you can do all these to a batch of photos at a go.

We list some skills in Filestar for transforming your images. Just type the skill you want to do in our desktop application search query box, once you have downloaded and opened it.

  • Resize
  • Compress
  • Crop
  • Flip or rotate
  • Add filters
  • Make black and white
  • Add vintage look

2. Video files

Producing marketing campaign content is overwhelming on a good day. If you are running multiple campaigns on social media channels and you need several advertising videos, things often get crazy.

You might have to compress files to send them on email, change resolution to increase clarity, or even converting video files to upload on social media platforms. Filestar automates and helps you perform batch tasks.

Here are some example of Filestar skills that we suggest suits working with video files:

  • Change resolution
  • Convert video files
  • Compress video file

3. Audio files

What is it about podcasts that they are now so appreciated? The need to produce audio content for podcasts is hotter than ever. With batch production, at some point, you’ll have to convert the files to different formats or compress them to make them ready for upload.

Filestar the perfect solution for batch file conversions or compression. Here are some tips for our skills when working with audio files:

  • Convert audio files
  • Compress audio files

4. Logos

A logo is an important hallmark for any company. The need for various formats for various contexts is high when it comes to logos. You may need to change the font, add texts, watermark it, resize, or convert files. Simply use Filestar to perform any of these tasks and save time.

Let’s give us some examples of useful Filestar skills for logos.

  • Add watermark
  • Add text
  • Convert font files
  • Convert to .ai