Filestar* for Architects

Filestar* for Architects

Wambui Mugo
Wambui Mugo

As an architect, each project gives you an opportunity to offer a unique design solution to a unique problem. However, it still comes with its own challenges-time management. You have many menial and smaller tasks to do at all times. Complex projects call for both management skills and creativity. Your clients expect you to create elegant designs and do it on time.

Project complexity is increasing while schedules get shorter. There are so many hours a day you can spend on Visio. For this reason, you need to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness by working smarter.

Fortunately, Filestar smart solutions will help you automate repetitive tasks while reducing human error risk. It will enable you to free more time for designing, consulting, and hustling for new projects.

Let’s jump in and see our practical how-tos.

1. File conversions

When drawing various design solutions on Visio you have to import various icon files into your drawing. You will need to add some clip arts, pictures, or graphic files to make your drawing complete. Microsoft Visio supports .svg, .dwg, .emf, .dxf, .tiff, .bmp, .wmf, .gif, .png, and .jpg. Converting each file you want to use is tedious not to add boring into it.

Filestar helps you batch convert any graphic or icon file into your desired file format without adding any watermarks on your image.

2. PDF skills

There are so many meetings, pitches, and contracts being signed before, during, and after any project kicks off. You will be dealing with various documents and presentation files all through your day.

With Filestar, you will be able to automatically:

  • Batch convert your .doc to .pdf for you to email
  • Convert .pdf to .ppt to create your pitch, etc.

3. Add Watermark or Texts on Images

When in the Architect industry profession, watermarks are important as they protect your designs and drawings from being stolen or used without your authorization. Also, people will be able to recognize your work from your watermark. You can also add texts to images to provide further explanation to your images.

Filestar helps you Add watermark to each and every page of your documents within a few seconds. You can also Add text to your images at a go.

4. Image skills

As an architect, you work with various image files to showcase your work or give ideas to your clients. You may have to resize, crop images to zoom to a particular subject, change resolution, add filters or effects, adjust exposure, and white balance.

Filestar can help you achieve these results in a jiffy.

  • Resize images
  • Compress images
  • Crop images
  • Flip or rotate images
  • Add filters
  • Make black and white