Filestar* for Admin Officers

Filestar* for Admin Officers

Frida Bosma
Frida Bosma

As an admin officer, you are always on your toes with running various activities. From record maintenance to purchasing materials, decision making, strategic planning, training, budgeting, forecasting, HR, among other office functions. It all depends on the company you are working for. Being overwhelmed by working in a fast-paced and connected office happens more often than not. With all these things on your plate, the smarter you work, the more likely you are to have a stress-free day.

One of the biggest challenges you face is not having enough time because you are wearing too many hats. Fortunately, many of the processes can be automated, or you can use shortcuts and formulas. The critical thing is knowing your highly repetitive tasks and finding out if there is anything you can do to automate them.

Lucky for you, Filestar is here to help you slay your dragons by automating most of those tedious and repetitive tasks. Ready to make your work easier? Let's get to it!

1. Document file handling

The number of documents passing and created on your desk will either turn you into an organization junkie or a hot mess. All the departments have to give some documents to you, and they also expect you to communicate back to them. The never-ending contracts, reports, invoices, schedules, among other documents, can mess up your day if you don't present them in the required format.

Sometimes you can do your work, and when you send them out, the layout and format change on the receiver's end. Other documents need to be password protected, and at times you need to extract pages or merge pages from a report to create your report. Filestar enables you to do this in a few minutes.

  • Convert DOC to PDF (and PDF to DOC)
  • Merge PDF
  • Extract PDF pages
  • Protect PDF (Encrypt)

2. Excel file handling

With budgeting, forecasting, making purchases, and handling some accounting work, you have a lot of excel documents. You also need to make strategic plans based on your calculations and budgets. Filestar comes in handy in Excel file conversions, and you can convert XLS to any file format you need.

3. Transforming images

You can't be a jerk of all trades without dealing with company photos at one point or another. Company photos have to be organized and edited as you see fit before you post them or send them out. Some image files are also to bid to distribute and share with colleagues. Filestar helps you transform and organize your images in several clicks. Let’s tip you about some useful Filestar skills:

  • Rename
  • Add text
  • Filter and effects
  • Convert image files
  • Compress images

4. Presentation files

Your contribution is probably required in many meetings. Additionally, you may be called upon to train or coach newbies or colleagues. You have to create stunning presentation files from your notes for your students to learn and engage with your subject.

Filestar lets you convert Word, PDF, or Excel files to PPT in a few minutes. Here are some examples of skills for this.

  • Convert Keynote to PPT
  • Convert PPT to PDF

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