8 tips for bloggers to edit blog post images fast and simple

8 tips for bloggers to edit blog post images fast and simple
  • Frida Bosma
Frida Bosma
May 4, 2019

Great content needs great images. Photos and images are an important part of the content production for bloggers. It is also a key to being a successful blogger. A blog post often contains multiple photos that all needs to be in the same size and with the same filter. This editing and manipulation process requires a lot of manual routine work takes time and focus from other more fun and creative parts of the blogging.

Indeed, there are many different programs and plugins available online that can help you edit photos. But more often than not you have to get several different software to cover all your needs. This is both time-consuming and costly. With FileStar you can edit up to hundreds of photos at the same time in just one simple upload click.

We have listed 8 common operations that bloggers usually use in their work that could be done more efficiently and simple. We show you how FileStar can reduce the manual work down to a few seconds.

1. Resizing images

Blog posts often require specific measurements of the images to be shown at their best. Just prepare your photos in a zipped file, use the term “resize” in FileStar in the search window, and it will provide you with boxes for you to fill in the conditions that you would like for you images.

2. Cropping images

Cropping a load of photos according to given measurements is easily done in an instant. Just upload a zipped file in FileStar and typ “crop” in the search query box.

3. Adding filters to images

To ensure that the photos in your blog are all in the same tone and with the same filter, just use FileStar search window and type in “filter”, and you will see all the filters available to apply to hundreds of images in an instant.

4. Changing colors on photos

Making a bulk of images into black and white, or grayscale is easily done. Just type in one of those keywords and FileStar will allow you to change them within a few moments.

5. Convert image format on images

Have you taken a lot of photos that all needs to be converted into another or the same format before using on your blog? With the function “convert” you can change the file format of all your selected photos in an instant.

6. Add text to images

Do you wish to add a copyright text or any other text to many images at the same time. That is easily done with the search query “add text” in FileStar. Choose for several fonts, sizes, colors and placement.

7. Change file names for images

Are you struggling with the camera always giving your photos names with just numbers and letters? What if you could name 100 photos with the file name “Summer vacation Stockholm” and also have them numbered from 1 to 100. With the operation “change name” that is quickly managed.

8. Flip or rotate images

Did you happen to take some photos using your camera upside down, or have you used your mobile camera turned horizontally. Then the task of manually flipping or rotating them right one by one could be both boring and time consuming. With the commando “flip” or “rotate” in FileStar you can have that fixed within seconds.

These tricks will make you blogger life much more fun and easy. And you get more time left to do the creative stuff. Try these 8 smart photo management skills in the FileStar software here.

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