8 image editing tips for developers

8 image editing tips for developers
  • Frida Bosma
Frida Bosma
December 2, 2019

Any Developer is aware that image optimization pays. All images have to look amazing, load faster and easily indexed by search engines. Filestar is an easy-to-use tool that maximizes image optimization by its stellar editing capabilities. Once a photo is taken, there will always be fluff or scratches that will need to be airbrushed making image editing bread and butter for all developers.

You need to make a great first impression within a blink of an eye. Quality photos determine your brand engagement with the audience. The web design or interface will call upon developers to perform some image editing tasks required to produce high-quality pictures that don’t need a professional photographer.

Image editing tips for developers

Manually editing images is a tiring and almost impossible task that has been made efficient and simple with Filestar. With Filestar, it is easy to edit numerous images and photos with just a click of a button. Below are some essential image editing skills that all developers need to know.

1. Resizing of an image

To have an outstanding webpage, developers have to have pixel-perfect accurate measurement of the images to be used. With Filestar, you will simply upload all the images you need resized, then search for “resize” on the search box, and enter the new specific measurement requirements to resize the images all at once.

2. Image Cropping

Paying attention to details is will draw people’s attention to a picture. Developers need to cut any distractions and cropping the image is an easy fix to enhance an image appearance and zoom into details. In Filestar, upload the images, enter “crop” in the search box, enter the specific measurements you want and crop the images at a go.

3. Color adjustment

Being a web developer, changing image color to fit in well with the website design colors is a common task. Filestar provides a wide selection of color palate options and it allows you to add the desired touch-ups to your images. Enter color adjustments in the search box and pick your color choice to be applied on your image.

4. Image filter options

Quality of images will make or break your site as they complement site content and contribute to the user experience. Image filters enable you to have the same image tones on all your images so as to create a consistent brand style for your site. Filestar allows you to apply image filters to images in an uploaded zipped file at a click.

5. Conversion of image format

Being a developer, you are aware of how image format can decrease the site speed and you also know the correct file types to use with what images while not compromising image quality. For example, .png files are best for a few color images and they produce the best quality images at a higher cost. Filestar enables you to convert your images into various formats. Type in ‘convert’ in the search box and apply the desired conversions.

6. Rotate and Flip image

Images are captured in the best way the photographer sees fit. You may need to lineup the image edges to the desired fit. Click on ‘flip or rotate’ button to have the look and fit that best fits the websites.

7. Change image file name

As a developer, image optimization is key as you are aware that Google needs to know what your image is displaying. All the images you plan to use need to be renamed with the relevant keywords, to facilitate Google recognition. Filestar gives you the option to label all your images by selecting ‘change name’ and inputting the desired name.

8. Adjust image brightness

A dark or a bright spot should not make you ruin an image. Bright website images brighten the look of a webpage but you should ensure you have no shiny blinding spots. With Filestar you can develop softer images by keying in “brightness adjustment” and applying the desired changes.

Filestar provides numerous pre-sets that are useful to give websites a unique vibe that is useful in your brand development. It is the best image management tool that makes photo editing a fun, simple, and automated process. Engage with Filestar to build better brand awareness, get more views, and develop fully optimized images.

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