5 company problems you can solve with the right document conversion tools

5 company problems you can solve with the right document conversion tools

Frida Bosma
Frida Bosma

The use of technology in the workplace has really streamlined documentation processes. In order to attain efficiency in the day-to-day office activities, investing in a file conversion software is key. It is one simple way to increase efficiency, work smarter, and be faster. With the many benefits of digital documentation, there are many challenges arising from the increasing file types and integrating software available for file conversion.

But with a tool like Filestar, your team and business will be able to manage what used to be time-consuming tasks - like file conversions and document transformations - in a breeze.

5 common company problems and solutions provided with the right documentation tools

1. File conversion using different online available tools

PDF, TIFF, .DOC all have no shortage of file conversion applications readily available online at no cost. Having employees using these free websites and tools could be a risk for your organization as the safety could be lacking. The security of corporate documents is very essential and uploading files on an untrusted server opens up a company to fraud, malicious virus attacks, and other cyber-crime activities. Some online converters limit the amount of information you can convert, the output you get might be manipulated to entail some watermarks, or your machine might not support the output document produced.


Streamline all your file conversions by using applications that are secure and meet all document conversion needs as a one-stop-shop. With Filestar, you can convert documents into every corporate required file type easily. Just upload your document in the desktop software application, type convert to ‘doc/pdf/tiff’ (or any other file you might use or need), and click on “run”. Download it here to try.

2. Employees with no tech-savvy skills

Some employees might be very resistant to change and introducing complex procedures and tools to help in file conversion ends creating more problems than a solution for them. The right document conversion tools need to be easy to understand, train, and to use for all the parties involved in the process.


The most common file conversions used in the corporate world need to be created using easy processes. The user has to simply click on the software, upload documents, type the conversion required in the search box, and press “run”. Filestar makes all conversions as effortless as possible.

3. The high volume of document conversions

Banks, Insurance firms, and other financial institutions have thousands of documents that need to be converted into a specific file type on a daily basis. Processing this huge workload needs to be done in the shortest time possible so as to avail the document on a timely basis to keep the required turnaround time of the different processes. The huge volume of documents also calls for proper achieving, hence the right document tools that allow for suitable achieving are most critical.


You can upload thousands of files on Filestar and be assured of a 24/7 stable batch file conversion.

4. Maintaining format consistency in the entire organization documents

The look and feel of your documents always reflect back to the professionalism of the company. When using different file conversion software available, the consistency in the formatting of the document can be lost in the processes hence losing the professionalism all together. Some programs like Word don’t maintain the same formatting once the documents are moved from one computer to another.


Graphical based file formats like TIFF and PDF ensure consistency and uniformity of the formatting regardless of the machine the viewer is using. These formats keep you from worrying if the margins or graphs will look the same from the clients’ endpoint. The .doc/.docx files should be converted to these formats to ensure format consistency. This is easily done using Filestar.

5. Time spent on document conversion

For large corporations that carry out a huge volume of file conversions, a significant amount of time and resources can be taken up converting files. Creating a consistent file conversion tool is challenging and time-consuming. Employees need to concentrate on what affects the bottom line and the goals of the company rather than spending time on the conversion process and increasing overheads used in the process.


Having an already automated file conversion software that functions effectively even with batch conversion is of utmost importance. Establish the right documentation tools that can be used to simplify your file conversion process to save on time and money. You don’t need more hassle in addition to the job description each person already has. You need a user-Friendly software that saves not only on training time but also user processes to execute commands.

The right document conversion tools can be used to solve most company file conversion related issues. For professionalism to be maintained in any company, proper and secure tools should be used to eradicate any inefficiencies. Technology adoption in the workplace is one of the guaranteed practices to ensure the success of an organization in this digital era. The intelligence provided from working with digital documents is beyond measure and having the right trading tools should be a priority.

Filestar is an easy to use software that allows for time-saving, consistency in formatting, and batch file conversion. Try out our software here.

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