3 easy ways to convert PDF to .doc

3 easy ways to convert PDF to .doc

Frida Bosma
Frida Bosma

Portable Document Format (PDF) was developed in the 90s when sharing documents across multiple operating systems was problematic. This file format was developed to solve this problem and make it possible to uphold fixed formatting. Be it invoicing customers, keeping client records in the same format, or sending memos, PDF files have been so reliable. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the most used files in the world as it provides a guarantee that the viewer will always see the document in the same format the file creator intended it to be.

Advantages of a PDF file

It maintains a uniform document format to all people who will be viewing it unlike in Microsoft Word.DOC where the format of documents received is highly dependent on the program version.

It is the safest choice to share files as they are ubiquitous and can’t be altered in any way. Document authenticity is always assured.
Password protection can be used on the documents.
They occupy a small hard drive space because of the multiple-image compression codecs it supports.

Reasons to convert PDF to .DOC

With all these advantages, PDF documents have drawbacks that make them less convenient and a lot trickier to use. When you convert PDF to Word, the document format layout remains intact and in addition, you can carry out the edits.

Difficult to edit

PDF documents are images of an original document that can’t be easily edited. PDF files pass so well when it comes to security but are a major flop as collaborative formats. Original PDF files i.e. one that has been converted from an electronic file like Microsoft Word, are a little bit more flexible as texts and images can be copied and pasted on another document.

However, if it is a scanned PDF file, there is practically no method to convert it to an editable document or extract details from it. Scanned documents save your texts as images hence making it impossible to edit. Even though the scanned document can be converted into a Word document, it will still show as an image on the.DOC file.

Editing is at a fee

You have to pay a fee to be able to access the editing option on a PDF creator software. It is not free to make edits, extract diagrams/pages, merge PDF documents into a single one, etc.
It is always good to save PDF files for when you need people to just read the document and not to edit it. Yes, it is possible to add some editable fields on the document, but it is not the ideal document format for full-scale editing.

Simple tricks to convert PDF to .doc

It is an era of technology evolution and so much is coming up and being innovated to continuously improve on computer and user interactions. When using PDF, you need to learn a few tricks to make your work easier.

1. How to convert a multi-page PDF to .doc

A Word Document is an amazing file format that can be used to display a wide array of various document types. The easiest way to make multiple edits on a multi-page PDF file is by converting it to Word .doc.

Open the FileStar application, then:

  • Upload the multiple page PDF file you want to convert.
  • Type in "convert to .doc" or "save as" command in the search box.
  • Click the command button to apply the command.

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